No. REGP/Policy-211(II)/2003-04/                                                                                Date:- 24-3-2004

C  I  R  C  U  L  A  R


            Sub:- RURAL EMPLOYMENT GENERATION PROGRAMME - Opening of Savings Accounts (without

                       Cheque facility) in Nodal Branches of Banks by State/UT KVI Boards (other than N.E. Zone)

Ref:-  Circular No. REGP/Pending Claims/Part File/2003-04 dated 3-11-2003.



            In continuation to this Office Circular cited above  wherein it was emphasized to bifurcate the Public Sector Banks between KVIC and KVIB for implementation of REGP Scheme, it is to clarify that while bifurcating all State/Regional Offices of the Commission and all State KVIBs will deal with the Public Sector Banks assigned to them including their RRBs other than in  N.E. Zone for which a separate Circular is being issued.  In other words, a particular office will deal with only selected Public Sector Banks and their RRBs both.


2.         The State/Divisional Offices of the Commission (other than in N.E. Zone) will have to close the Bank account in operation at the Nodal Branches w.e.f. 30-6-2004 after clearing all pending claims in those Banks which have been allocated to the State KVI Board in their respective State.  The State KVIBs will have to open new Saving Bank accounts (without Cheque facility) by identifying the nodal branches of the Public Sector Banks allotted to them in consultation with the Controlling Officers of each Bank.  It may be stated here that as and when any withdrawal is felt necessary, a request letter to the Bank Branch by the authorized signatories will be sufficient. Under no circumstances, Bank account will be opened in any RRB.  The Margin Money claims of the projects financed by RRBs will have to be settled at the Nodal Branch of their sponsorer Bank.


3.         The operational procedure for implementation of the Scheme through Nodal Branches as intimated vide Office Order No. 1911 dated 17.1.2002 remains unchanged (copy enclosed).


4.         In case of Co-operative Banks/Private Sector Scheduled Commercial Banks, the State KVIBs will continue to deal in accordance with the existing procedure on reimbursement basis.


5.            This will be effective for all cases financed from 1-4-2004 onwards.



Encl: as above.                                                                                                                  CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER



1. All State Directors of the Commission (except N. E. Zone)

2. All State/UT KVIBs (except N.E. Zone)

Copy to :-

1. Financial Advisor, KVIC

2. Jt. CEO, KVIC

3. All Dy. CEOs, KVIC.

4. Dy. CEO (NEZ), KVIC.

5. F.A. & CAO of all KVIBs (except N.E. Zone)

6. All Offices of the Commission in and outside Mumbai.