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No. REGP/Pending Claim/Part file/2003-04/                                                                       Date :- 13-2-2004




            Sub:- Procedure for Allocation of Bankwise and Districtwise Targets for the year 2004-05 reg.

                Ref:- 1. Circular of even No. dt. 3-11-2003 and

                          2. Lt. No. CEO/Gen 12/51/REGP/03-04, dt. 5th Feb.,04



        In continuation of Circulars referred above in regard to procedure to be followed for allocation of Bankwise targets for inclusion in the District Credit Plan duly approved by SLBC of the respective State,  it is stated that the allocation of targets should not be restricted only to Banks but it should be both Bankwise and  Districtwise. 


2.     A need has been felt about issuance of guidelines for allocation of targets Bankwise as well as Districtwise for inclusion in the District Credit Plan duly approved by SLBC of the State.  As has been informed under Circulars referred to above State Director and Head  of the State/UT KVI Board have to jointly decide and distribute the banks within  every State/UT for implementation of REGP, after which the targets given to the Commission (State/Reg. Offices) and KVIB should be reallocated Bankwise and Districtwise,  before they are placed for approval of SLBC for inclusion in the District Credit Plan. 


3.     A Chart showing the indicative methodology for allocation of targets Bankwise and Districtwise is given overleaf for guidance.  All the State Directors of the Commission and Heads of State/UT KVI Boards should immediately workout the allocation Bankwise and Districtwise and place it before SLBC for approval for inclusion in the District Credit Plan.  A copy of such allocation may be made available to this office for record and further action. 


4.    It is once again reiterated that under no circumstances, Banks should exceed financial targets allocated to them, which may please be clearly indicated to the Banks.


      Receipt of this Circular may please be acknowledged.



                                                                                      CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER


1. All State/Regional Directors of the Commission.

2. Heads of all State/UT  KVI Boards.

3. All Industry/Programme Directors at C.O.


Copy to:

1. The Financial Adviser

2. The Jt. C.E.O.

3. All Dy. C.E.Os