No. REGP/M-436/Online App. Tracking/2004-05/                                                            Date: 18-02-2005


Subject: Online application tracking system for REGP Entrepreneurs.


        Cabinet Secretary of Government of India emphasized the need for a paradigm shift in the nature and quality of interaction at the grass root level of administration. Accordingly, Ministry of Agro and Rural Industries, Govt. of India desired that all applications for assistance under REGP scheme received by KVIC offices shall be disposed of within a maximum time limit of 30 days. Further a comprehensive check list has to be developed for scrutiny of applications at the entry point and deficiencies, if any, should be pointed out then and there for compliance introduce an online system of tracking of applications under REGP to enable the applicants to know the current status of their applications without the need for going for personal visits. This facility shall be in addition to the existing system of manual filing of applications. As per the procedure in vogue, applications for assistance under REGP scheme are being received at different entry points in the Offices of RICS, KVIC, KVIB and Banks and disposed of within specified time frame. Once the applications are filed with the respective offices of KVIC/KVIBs entrepreneur would not be required to visit the respective Offices to know the status of their application. In order to improve, a need has been felt for qualitative interaction between beneficiaries and implementing agencies at the grass root level to avoid the hardship of beneficiary.

        2. For this purpose, a computer software system has been developed for ‘Online Application tracking for REGP' in order to feed the application details online in respect of each application at the receiving points. The said system will be introduced and implemented in a phased manner with State and Divisional Offices and RICS cells being 1st phase. KVIB and Bank shall be impressed upon to implement the same in 2nd and 3rd phase respectively. However, as a temporary measure, the application status in respect of KVIB and BANK may be done by respective offices of KVIC periodically till the online system is enforced and implemented by KVIBs and Banks. The said software system is already available in the website and can be viewed at "". For the purpose of data entry, each office will be provided with unique password under confidential cover along with 'User’s Manual'.

        3. Since, the purpose of opening the said website is to bring transparency in the movement of applications till it gets disposed, the status of the same on each stage is to be entered invariably within specific time limit on the website by the appropriate agency. This will enable close monitoring of transaction of applications and implementation of the scheme at central level periodically. Hence, the following time limit is prescribed for forwarding the applications, keeping the same pending or rejection thereof of the entrepreneurs by KVIC/KVIB/RICS henceforth.

Name of Organization


Time Limit


1. Applications received from Rural ICS cells of their jurisdiction.


2.  Applications received directly from beneficiary.

Within 7 days from date of receipt to Bank.


Within 15 days from date of receipt, to Bank.


1. Applications received by District offices from Entrepreneurs.


2. Applications received from Dist. Offices by State KVIB's.


3. Applications received from Rural ICS cells of their Jurisdiction.  

Within 15 days from date of receipt to State/UT KVIBoard.


Within 7 Days from date of receipt, to Bank.


Within 7 Days from date of receipt to Bank.

Rural ICS

1.  Project formulation and Documentation for the Entrepreneur and forwarding to State / Divisional Office/KVIB.

Within 15 days form date of receipt of request by the beneficiary.


        In case, the application if any is to be kept pending or rejected for obvious reasons, the same should be communicated to the beneficiary through the computer generated letter available in the online software by the respective Office and the applications must be disposed off by offices of KVI within the maximum time limit of 30 days.

        All State / Divisional Directors and Incharges of Rural ICS cell are hereby directed to follow and comply with the above prescribed time limit in forwarding the applications and to enter all the data alongwith the present application status already forwarded and sanctioned by Banks from 01st April 2005 onwards. All such related data must be filled and in future all application details must be entered in the online system before forwarding to the Financing Branch.



1. C.E.O / F.A. Cell
2. All Dy.C.E.Os in Mumbai and Guwahati
3. All Industry / Program Directors in Central Office
4. All State / Divisional Offices of KVIC
5. All Rural ICS Cells
6. DIT in Mumbai