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Tender Date
1 View Document 13-06-2019 to 28-06-2019 Tender for providing Data Entry Operators-S.O.Telangana
2 View Document 13-06-2019 to 28-06-2019 Inviting EOI for conducting physical verification of PMEGP Units-S.O.Telangana
3 View Document 12-06-2019 to 01-07-2019 Tender for Renovation of Sales outlet including interior and exterior work-Periyakulam/Tuticorin/Virudhunagar-Tamilnadu
4 View Document 10-06-2019 to 21-06-2019 Tender for disposal of obsolete & unserviceable stores as scrap materials
5 View Document 07-06-2019 to 11-07-2019 Tender for selection of suppliers for Machineries, Tools and Equipments of Palmgur and Tamarind processing Industries-CPPPI, Chennai
6 View Document 07-06-2019 to 28-06-2019 Tender for Construction of Group Work Shed for Khadi Artisans-Tamilnadu
7 View Document 06-06-2019 to 26-06-2019 Tender for Security Personnel/Housekeeping/Gardening work - S.O. Dehradun
8 View Document 04-06-2019 to 25-06-2019 Tender for Security Personnel & House Keeping - MDTC, Bangalore
9 View Document 03-06-2019 to 24-06-2019 RFP for selection of Agency to upgrade, supply and maintain Videoconferencing equipments at H.O. as well as Field offices
10 View Document 03-06-2019 to 27-06-2019 Tender from prospective agencies to design, develop, manage and maintain the Public Geo portal and GIS based mobile application
11 View Document 03-06-2019 to 21-06-2019 Renovation of sales outlet of Thanjavur West SS,Tamilnadu under Marketing Infrastructure Scheme-Tamilnadu
12 View Document 30-05-2019 to 20-06-2019 Renovation of sales outlet of Arni SS, Tamilnadu under Marketing Infrastructure Scheme -Tamilnadu