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•   Khadi: The Handcrafted Textile

Khadi is a cloth woven by hand, using hand spun yarn only. It is entirely hand crafted as the spinning (process of yarn forming) and weaving (the process of cloth forming) both are done by hand. The process of spinning is done by Charkha. Initially it has only one spindle. The charkhas introduced by KVIC incorporating the ring spinning technology are of multiple spindles ranging from 2 to 12 spindles.

Single Spindle e - charkha
•   Khadi: The energy conserving cloth.

Environment and Ecology occupy a prominent place among the key issues faced by the world today. In an era of degenerating environment particularly global warming, khadi activity is perhaps the only activity, which is not based on use / burning of fossil fuel. Khadi is therefore an energy conserving cloth.

On the occasion of Golden Jubilee, KVIC has added a new dimension to its New Model Charkha. The charkha is not only an energy conserving implement now, but an energy producing implement also.

2 Spindle e - charkha
•   Charkha an energy producing implement

The e-charkha developed by KVIC in association with Flexitron, Bangalore enables a spinner, living in the hinterland of the country, to spin yarn and also generate enough power to light up her home and listen to transistor. Such e-charkha is available in all spindle-age i.e. single, 2 spindle and 8 spindle models.

8 Spindle e - charkha
•   e-charkha dedicated to the Nation

Hon'ble President of India, Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil dedicated e–charkha to the Nation on 19th November 2007 on the auspicious occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration of Khadi and Village Industries Commission at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.
•   Features of e – charkha

> The e-charkha is provided with a generator.
> Spinning on the 2 spindle e-charkha just for 2 hours would give yarn of length 2.4 km (2.4 hanks) and a light output / back up for 7.5 hours, which is sufficient for one day use.
> The generator can easily be connected to / disconnected from charging simply by flipping a switch to on / off mode.

•   Components of e – charkha

> Spinning unit contain one / two / eight spindle charkha.
> The lighting unit has the LED of 1 watt.
> The transistor radio – normal AM/FM tuner.
> Battery.

•   Spinning of e-charkha for only two hours a day would render the following benefits

> Lighting of LED lamp and listening transistor continuously for 7 ½ hours.
> Spinning on 2 spindle e-charkha per day for two hours produces 2.4 hanks or 2400 metres of yarn.
> Spinning on 2 spindle e-charkha for 25 days in a month will produce yarn sufficient for a single bed-sheet, a bath towel and a shirt.